Whitefish Guided Fishing

Our guides will be with you throughout the entire day and make your ice fishing adventure as memorable and successful as possible!

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The Whitefish is best known for its commercial fishery across the Great Lakes. Fisherman have been netting these fish for local fish boils, restaurants and fish markets since the early 1900’s. Whitefish are a very versatile fish to cook and do not taste fishy. Whitefish can be baked, grilled, boiled, and blackened. Whitefish spend most of the year in deep cold water but have just recently migrated to the shallower waters of the Bay of Green Bay. This in return has ignited the ice fishing craze for Whitefish!

When ice fishing for White Fish fisherman have a 10/angler bag limit and there is no size requirements, or slot limits for Whitefish. The Whitefish are very active and bite throughout the day, every day. Whitefish prey on food sources on the bottom of lake such as fresh water shrimp, bottom organisms and small fish such as Gobies allowing anglers to jig for them.

We are very flexible with all of our groups and please feel free to let us know if you need anything! During your Whitefish ice fishing trip, we provide the following:

  • Transportation to and from shore via 6 person Kawasaki Mule
  • Heated deluxe Ice shacks with Mr. Heater big buddies (18,000 BTU’s)
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Ice fishing poles, bait, tackle, etc.
  • 8 hours of Whitefish fishing (8 am – 4 pm, will coordinate)
  • Fully/Semi guided trip with instruction of best techniques and baits
  • Cleaning of your catch
  • Gas grill


Whitefish ice fishing

Whether you are looking for a guided ice fishing trip or shanty rental, Silver Strike Ice feels that we need to do the best job possible either way!

We offer a variety of options from guided trips, shack rentals, package deals etc. A guided ice fishing trip on Green Bay includes all the equipment needed including bait. We will teach you all the ice fishing techniques needed to catch them. Our guides will help you as much as you would like. When doing a shack rental we will transport you to the ice fishing shanties out of Sturgeon Bay and drop you off at your shack on the hot spot. Upon arrival at your ice shanty there will be pre-drilled ice holes, ice scoops and the shack will be heated prior to your arrival. We are very flexible with all of our groups and please feel free to let us know if you need anything!

We have decided to offer a single more affordable rate for fully/semi guided trips.  If you have your own gear, please inquire about a shanty rental!

Your ice fishing adventure will start by meeting you at the designated meeting spot in the door county/Sturgeon Bay.    We will then take you out on our 6 person UTV to the ice cabins off shore. Once you arrive to our deluxe spacious ice cabins and ice shanties our guides will be with you at all times. Once you have perfected the technique to catching Whitefish the guides will try new spots and baits to help keep the bite going! We will cater to your group’s desired assistance or privacy needs and wants. With this being said we are very flexible with all of our clients and please just inquire about any other options.  We do have a variety of techniques, lures, set ups etc.  The biggest advantage to paying a little extra for the guided trips is that if there are certain lures working that week we will equip all anglers with them.  For those anglers that have ice fished for Whitefish before and just do a ice shanty rental we may not have these baits available.  Silver Strike fishing guides will help in any way possible all of our clients but may not have enough rigs to help the unguided trips.

***We do have a bathroom on the ice***

Whitefish Ice Shanty Rental

This is option is ideal for the ice fisherman that has experience White fishing and has their own equipment.

Silver Strike Ice also offers 1-4 person ice shanty rentals. For this ice fishing adventure the the fisherman will meet in Sturgeon Bay at the allocated spot. From there our guides will transport the fisherman out to the heated ice shanties with pre-drilled holes.

They will spend the day ice fishing for White Fish out on the Bay of Green Bay at one of the hotspots. Our guides will offer assistance as needed as we want all of our ice fishing clients to have the best fishing trip as possible. We do recommend the guided trips to maximize your fishing success but we will offer any help that you may need as time allows.

  • Transportation to and from shore via 6 person Kawasaki Mule

  • Heated deluxe Ice shacks with Mr. Heater big buddies (18,000 BTU’s)

  • Pre-drilled holes

  • Ice scoops

  • 7-8 hours fishing

  • Our guides will assist you in any way to ensure you’re comfortable, confident and successful during your fishing trip

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Additional Options

We can offer shack rentals and/or portable shack as well as other items to make your walleye fishing trip the best possible experience! Some of these features include:

Marcum Showdown fish Finders in each Portable Shanty

Portable 2 person shanties

Guided Fishing Trips

Whether you are looking for a guided fishing trip or shanty rental, Silver Strike Ice is your guide for an amazing Door County fishing experience.


Limited spots available!

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