Walleye Guided Fishing

Silver Strike Ice’s fully guided Door County and Green Bay Walleye ice fishing trips offer a chance to take home a true trophy!

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Since the mid 1980’s walleye populations have increased immensely due to cleaner water and increased stocking programs. When ice fishing on the Bay of Green Bay we do not catch the number of walleyes that are expected elsewhere but the bay provides larger walleyes than most places. The best times for Walleye fishing is in early season such as December beginning January and February/March.

The location of the fishing will be all the way from Green Bay up to Sturgeon Bay depending on where the best fishing has been. The Prime Walleye ice fishing on Green Bay is end of February through March. The Walleye are found along the shorelines around Sturgeon bay during this time period. The Whitefishing is also great during this time so look into our Whitefish/Walleye ice fishing combination trip options! We will fish on the Bay of Green Bay on the ice until it is to thin and then we will be fishing on our Pro Staff Lund in Oconto and Peshtigo for the Walleye run!

Our goal is to provide you the personalized time to truly make your time on the ice special. During your Walleye ice fishing trip, we provide the following:

  • Transportation to and from shore/shacks via 6 person UTV
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Ice fishing poles, bait, tackle, etc.
  • 3+ hours of walleye fishing
  • Heated ice shanty
  • Fish locator
  • Bass Militia Fishing Team

  • Fully guided trip with instruction of best techniques and baits

Walleye and Whitefish ice fishing

We offer fully guided walleye ice fishing trips at sunrise and sunset to give you the best chance to bag a big one!

Typically we run a combo whitefish/walleye trip so you can either start the day fishing for walleye or end the day fishing for them. Typically the walleye fishing is around 3 hours. We offer ice shanty rentals for just Walleye as well. We will have the ice shanty heated, holes drilled, jig rods if needed and some helpful baits. The biggest difference between the 2 trips is that the guide will not be with you at all times and the guided trip we will provide you with a fish locator. We will get you all set up and check in on you as needed for the shanty rental. Check out our rates page for the differences in pricing between the 2 walleye ice fishing options .

When doing an ice fishing adventure for Walleye most trips are done with a White Fish combination trip. For example you will leave from Sturgeon Bay to head out on the bay of Green Bay to the White Fish ice shanties. You will spend the day here. Then near the end of the day we will transport you into the Walleye hotspots. Typically the Whitefishing is done a few miles off shore and the Walleye are caught near the shoreline. Once you arrive at the ice fishing spot we will have ice shacks set up waiting for you in which are heated. Our ice fishing guides will provide you with fish finders for the Walleye as these are very nice to have when jigging for them. If you decide to do a morning Walleye ice fishing excursion with White fish after the process will be the same.

Walleye ice fishing

For those anglers looking to only fish for Walleye we do offer this as an option.

Basically we will meet you in Sturgeon Bay at the designated location and time and just go straight to the Walleye locations and everything is the same as the other trips. We will provide all equipment, rods, fish locators, lures, bait, ice shanties, etc.! Please inquire about these trips and we can go over all of your questions on these ice fishing excursions!

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Additional Options

We can offer shack rentals and/or portable shack as well as other items to make your walleye fishing trip the best possible experience! Some of these features include:

Marcum Showdown fish Finders in each Portable Shanty

Portable 2 person shanties

Guided Fishing Trips

Whether you are looking for a guided fishing trip or shanty rental, Silver Strike Ice is your guide for an amazing Door County fishing experience.


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