Walleye and Whitefish Bay of Green Bay!  Silver Strike fishing guides are current out on the Bay of Green Bay catching Walleye and Whitefish.  Ice conditions have not cooperated to get to our usual offshore spots as of yet, we are fishing structure a little South of Sturgeon Bay.  Fishing for Whitefish has been steady with good and slow days.  One of the benefits of our location is the access to good Walleye spots with eaters.  Typically we do not offer guided Walleye trips until March but this year we are booking all of February!  Take advantage of this opportunity to catch both Whitefish and Walleye on the Green Bay!  Even as we move further offshore we will continue to fish the Walleye spots for those who would like to.  ice fishing jackets, professional ice fisherman,ice fishing guides, fishing on ice, ice fishing gps, ice fishing tips for trout, ice fishing essentials, little sturgeon ice fishing report, ice fishing walleyes, ice fishing tips, ice fishing guide, fishing door county, ice fishing trip, ice fishing for northern pike


We are also offering Brown Trout ice fishing trips in and around the Egg Harbor area for those interested as well!ice fishing for perch, ice fishing lake trout, ice fishing report, ice fishing for walleye, ice fishing michigan, ice fishing heaters, fishing shanty, ice fishing safety, best ice fishing lures, ice fishing houses for sale, ice fishing pike